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Benefits of Tax Stamps for Secure Traceability under EU TPD

Presented at the Tax Stamp Forum, May 2018 in Nairobi by Nicola Sudan, ITSA General Secretary

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ISO 22382 for Tax Stamps: Recommendations for Security Managers

Presented at Intergraf, March 2018 in Dublin by Astrid Mitchell, ITSA Representative

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Tax Stamps - In The Grand Scheme of Things

Presented at the High Security Printing Conference, June 2017 in Guatemal by Carlos Robles, ITSA Board Member.

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Tax Stamps and their role in Meeting Track & Trace Needs of EU TPD

Presented at TJI Campus, February 2017 in Brussels by Keith Thompson, ITSA Board Member.

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Combining Opto- Digital Technology for Smart Authentication and Traceability

Presented at The Holography Conference November 2016 in Warsaw by Corinne Murcia Giudicelli, ITSA Board Member.

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