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ITSA Appointed as CIN Issuing Agency

01 November 2019

ITSA is one of the umbrella organisations appointed by the registration authority AIM, to generate and assign unique company identification numbers (CINs) to its members, in compliance with ISO/IEC standard 15459-2.

Under this standard, companies must be issued with a CIN in order to be able to provide the unique identifying codes required for product track and trace. Compliance with ISO/IEC 15459-2 has been mandated under the EU Tobacco Products Directive, and could likewise be mandated by other supra-national regulations, such as the global WHO FCTC Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products.

Due to technical reasons related to a lack of codes AIM no longer issues CINs directly to individual companies, but it does give umbrella associations such as ITSA the authority to issue them to such companies (AIM list of registered issuers).

The CINs issued by ITSA are composed of ITSA’s own issuing code – WAA – plus an additional one or two unique characters assigned to each member.

The members then use their unique number (eg. WAAG or WAA9) as a prefix for all unique identifying codes issued and applied to products marked by their solutions, either directly or via tax stamps. This ensures the global uniqueness of the codes and facilitates the identification of the issuing entity, which is a key enabler of global track and trace regimes.

ITSA members wishing to receive a CIN should complete this form in the member section and return it to Nicola Sudan, General Secretary ITSA at

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