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Liberia Revenue Authority Issues Expression of Interest for tax stamps and automated control platform for excise products

16 January 2018

• Provision of an integrated, government security-grade, automated control platform for the monitoring of production, importation, distribution and tax status of excise

• This platform shall apply to the domestic manufacturing whether or not it is high-speed automated or low-speed/low-volume non-automated production and imported products through the use of a secure and automated intelligent marking system.

• This platform shall also include the design, development and production of highly secure paper excise stamps for tobacco, alcohol products, etc.

This document presents the requirements that interested vendors must provide to be invited to submit their detailed quotations or technical/cost proposals for procurement opportunities anticipated by LRA. Pre-qualified vendors may be invited to respond to a solicitation, and/or multiple solicitations.

Vendors must be licensed and legally organized businesses, organizations, or firms. Individual consultants will not be considered for this EOI.

The purpose of this Expression of Interest (EOI) is to pre-qualify specialized vendors who have experience with the printing of excise stamps, to include all phases of the printing and follow on management processes.

The deadline for responding to this EOI is 22 January 2018, at 4:00pm in Liberia. Responses received after the deadline will not be reviewed. Responses must be emailed to: and The subject of the email should be stated as “Expression of Interest – Excise Stamp Production and Management.”

LRA will only respond to written questions regarding this EOI through the email address: and Questions must be submitted by 10 January 2018.

All information provided by vendors in response to this EOI will be treated confidentially. LRA will not use the information in any other context or setting and we will not reveal details to other parties.

Summary SOW for interested companies is as follows, as qualified vendors will be able to provide the following:

1. Supply of Printed Excise Stamps as per the required Security Features to the LRA storing facility
2. Training and Capacity Building of LRA officials regarding the security, management and other technical features of excise stamps.
3. Provide facilities, accessories, and equipment needed for warehousing, stamping, etc.

LRA will not reimburse respondents for the costs incurred with preparing a response, nor does issuance of this EOI obligate LRA to award a subcontract or purchase order. If a Vendor is found to have made false or misleading claims or statements, obtains confidential information,or receives improper assistance, LRA reserves the right to reject an EOI submitted by or on behalf of a vendor.

LRA may require a respondent to submit additional information in order to better judge a response.

Responders are expected to write an explanation about how they can address each of these areas of interest by LRA, which will be used as a way to determine if Vendors shall be prequalified.

• Ability or confirmation of ability to provide goods or services described above.
• The vendor is registered and licensed in the host country to perform the work outlined above
• The vendor can prove they have the necessary financial resources to perform the work.
• Three past performance descriptions illustrating relevant experience delivering the required goods/services. Experience with a Revenue Administration in Africa is


Vendors must complete their responses, in English, following the specifications outlined below. The response format consists of three sections:

Section 1: Vendor Information
1.0: Cover Letter

1.1 Vendor Information: Company Name, Address and Phone Number, Form of Incorporation (corporation, partnership, NGO, etc.), Number in Years in Business, Number of Employees (full and part-time), Name of Managing Director, History of organization.

Section 2: Factors for Consideration
2.0 Responses to each of the factors for consideration stated above

Section 3 Client Reference:
3.0 Include three (3) Client References, each reference must include the following:
-Client Name, address, Point of Contact Name, Telephone number, email
-Similar work performed and period of performance

Upon receipt and review of proposals, LRA will notify successful vendors, if any, who have been selected for pre-qualification.

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